This. is a social magazine (and also download our app)

We launched the This. Reader iPhone app this morning. Below is the email I sent out to the 10 k folks in our invite-only beta community. This. is a site where people find and share the best stuff on the web. Each user can share just 1 link a day.

The This. Reader iPhone app is here. As a member of our beta community you can download it right now (ed note: We’re in invite-only beta. Head over to the site for more on joining.). We’re pretty excited.

Our obsession has always been simple:

When you sit down on the couch at 8 o’clock at night, with a beverage of your choice, and fire up your phone or tablet or computer, where do you start?

The day’s almost over, things are quieting down. You don’t want noise. You don’t want the latest headlines. You want a well-told story. A provocative argument. Something beautiful. You want the web at its weirdest, its most ambitious. Its least “virally optimized.”

This. connects to that web with an extreme curation mechanic (each user sharing just 1 link a day) and an awesome seed community of curators (you!).

And now, the This. Reader app offers the simple, beautiful, immersive consumption experience those links deserve.

The feed and article views in the app.

The This. Reader allows you to access your feed, open links in the app, give thanks for and share links without leaving the app, and simply hit “next” to move to the next great link without having to return to your feed. (Installing the app also allows you to share from Safari, which is awesome.)

The profile view in the app and the UI for sharing from Safari

The app makes This. a social magazine: a way to browse media on the web worthy of your time and attention when you have both to give.

It’s the best 8 pm experience I’ve ever had with any media. I hope you agree.


PS: As always, send me your thoughts. V2 of the app, with more of the stuff you can do on the website now like search for people to follow and check for thanks and reThis’s, is already in the works. We’d love your feedback to guide our work.

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