This. for your iPhone!

Let’s keep this simple: we just relaunched our beloved This. Reader iOS app. You should grab it. It’s super lovely.

This. is a network for people who love art, entertainment and journalism on the web. Every member can share 1 link a day. You can join This. here.

The This. Reader brings that curated experience to your home screen: find and read (or watch, or listen to) great links, give thanks to the folks who shared them, find other members to follow, check your activity and share from Safari or other apps.

If you had it before, you’ll notice a few changes. This latest version is faster than ever. You can also now see the Featured Members feed of all the great stuff from the 75 wonderful folks we’ve flagged with great taste. And finally: when you share, you’ve now got 512 characters for your “Why This?” description.

If you’re new to the This. Reader, a tip: download it and come back to it this evening. I regularly plop down on my couch with a beer or a bourbon after a long day and pull it up to make my way through the web’s best stuff. It’s glorious. The app is perfect for when you’ve got some time to read and don’t want to battle through the noise of other social platforms.

If you haven’t joined This. yet, come on down! We’d love to have you.

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