katie zhu

Thanks Katie! Awesome feedback/thoughts.


  • love @agolis’ description of “the 8pm experience.” i think it’s a really great framing for a service that’s fighting back against our world of endless, overwhelming streams of information. i strongly believe that curation will play an increasingly important role because it gives readers a finite constraint on what they’re consuming — an lens through which to filter and process information.

Yeah I think part of our challenge is that we’re trying to build a new habit for consumers. To convince them to turn to the web in a time/mood when they might not now.

  • share from safari is killer. i use the instapaper integration all. the. time.


  • i keep trying to swipe back and forth between the “following” and “all” tabs.

Yes. I think swiping between feeds (and also between links once you’ve opened one) will be a natural next step.

  • would love some more people discovery vectors in the app.
  • do i get notifications when i get “thanks” or reThis’d on my links?

Yep, this is already in the works. People discovery and notifications (and then onboarding) are the big steps needed to make the app a stand-alone experience (as opposed to a “Reader,” as we’ve framed it).

  • i’m torn. while i like the context (the “why this?” displayed at the top of each link) and the persistent actions, this overall top bar / bottom bar sandwich as a UI pattern makes me sad.

In initial designs we had that overlay auto-hidden, but discoverable via a pull-down. I worried no one would know to find it (and I think that “Why This?” text from the original sharer is a hugely important piece of context for the link). It does slide under when you scroll!

  • while i do find my This feed to be a pretty interesting set of curated links, i get the most value from the nightly This email (aka Andrew’s picks), where each link comes with an amazingly compelling description to draw you in. i’d be interested to see how this experience gets incorporated into the Reader app itself — is it a nightly push notification, “Your evening This edition is ready,” — that then takes me to a specific list I can navigate through, giving “Thanks” and reThis-ing the ones I find interesting? that package of links is super intriguing to me.

It’s a great group of links, for sure. (I can say that without being obnoxious because mostly that “Editor’s Picks” is done by the amazing Mayukh Sen now.) We struggle with our thinking about how the value of those picks scales past the core group of people using the site who are interested in politics/tech/culture/feminism who are currently most active. My current way of thinking about it is that it’s a lodestar experience we want the product to be able to deliver for anyone with any set of interests.

  • ALSO just want to noodle on the term “social magazine” for a minute. to me, a magazine is itself a natural network of common interest, with the ability to stimulate interest in a topic, spark conversations, and build communities. couple that with the shared set of desires, tastes, and knowledge among your friends… is that a truly new type of magazine for the social age?

Maybe? ☺

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