Introducing: This.

A new home for the links you love.

This. is a home for people who love art, entertainment and journalism on the web. Each member can share 1 link a day.

Last year, we launched This. in private beta.

We felt overwhelmed by the volume and underwhelmed by the quality of media on other sharing networks. We felt distracted. We wanted a place to celebrate the web’s most ambitious and diverse and weird media.

So we built This. and invited a few friends. We gave them invites to share with their friends, and suddenly our little private community ballooned, from 300 to 3,000 to over 12,000 registered members. Many of the writers, artists, activists and publishers we most admire use This. every day to find and share the links they love.

Today, we’re excited to invite you to join them!

Join This. right now.

On This., each member can share just 1 link a day. That limit transforms sharing into an act of passion:

“Of everything I saw today, this deserves your attention.”

Members can quickly and easily find something great to read, watch or listen to. And creators are rewarded for their best work, not their best headline.

This. is a great place to be a link.

The site you see today is radically redesigned and expanded. This. v2 is the result of hundreds of conversations with members of our private beta community and our team’s obsessive focus on a single question: what can we do to make This. a great place to be a link?

That question was a simple way for us to focus on connecting our members to the open web and ensuring that the best stuff on the open web gets the attention it deserves. What tools can we give our members to find, create an identity out of, and build a network around the links they love?

A New Vibe

But it’s not just about utility. On the web, we’re all in the process of learning what bookstores, art galleries, movie theaters and so many other venues for treasuring media have known for millennia: context matters.

This. v2 starts with a beautiful new responsive design. The colors, fonts and page layouts make the new site calm and elegant, while letting the links be the star.


At the center of our new design are Covers, our new format for presenting links across the site. When a member shares a link, we want them to feel like they’ve created a package for it that honors its value the way a great book or magazine cover does.

We also want to give members the ability to offer commentary or context. Each member has the option of explaining “Why This?” in 512 characters. And because members have told us they’d like to be able to share their Covers with friends or on other networks, each now has its own URL. You can grab the URL to any cover simply by clicking the rectangle in its top right corner.

Link Pages

Link Pages are the most radical expansion of the site. What you see today is the humble starting point for what we believe will be a major part of what will make This. a great place for media on the web.

A traditional social media profile has a basic logic: this is a person and the links they’ve shared. Link Pages flip that idea on its head. A Link Page is a link and the people who have shared it. And because people offer context when they share, we believe overtime these pages will offer a totally unique aggregate view of each link: think Yelp or Rotten Tomatoes for digital media.

And because Link Pages bring together members who share a passion, in the coming weeks and months they will be our platform for an entirely new form of community. Watch this space!

To get to a Link Page, click on the chain icon on the top right of any new Cover.

Featured Members

We want to make sure it’s super easy to find great links, even if you’re new and haven’t built a network of folks you’re following. So we picked 75 members of the site who have been active and sharing fantastic stuff for months. Some of them are famous people, most of them aren’t. Some are publishers with huge audiences, some of them have small audiences. They all share great links.

The publishers include: BuzzFeed News, The Wall Street Journal, Vimeo, The New York Times, TED, The Verge and The New York Review of Books.

So much more to come.

We’re a baby startup, but we’ve got big plans. With this big v2 out the door, expect updates and new features to come quickly in the coming weeks and months. We’ll be focused on new filters for your homepage, emails, discussion and more.

This. v2 is also still a beta (if now a public one). So please don’t be shy about filling out our feedback form if you see bugs or have ideas or questions. We’re so proud of what we’ve built, but also so humble about how much more we need to do.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the site.


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