5 rad changes we’ve made to This. in January

Each Sunday night, I send the quickly growing This. beta community updates on what we’ve changed/added/improved/learned that week.

I’ve been remiss in not sharing those same updates with you, The Internet. So without further ado and in no particular order, here’s 5 cool things we’ve done in the last 3 weeks to make This. even better.

1. New Featured Publishers.

We’ve got some amazing publishers sharing their best each day. Our Featured Publishers include everyone from The Verge and Vimeo to BuzzFeed News and The New York Review of Books.

To that list we recently added:

The FADER, Texas Monthly, Pacific Standard, The Awl, The Toast, Nautilus, The Intercept, Narratively, Hazlitt and ProPublica.

The full list is here.

2. @ Mentions.

As a citizen of the internet you know why mentions are awesome: give via credit to another member who found something first, ID the creator or publisher of the link you’ve shared, and more.

I’ve done both since we launched the feature last night:

real live @ mentions!

Coming soon: notifications when someone @ mentions you and autocomplete to help you find the right name when you mention someone else.

3. Redesigned Link Pages.

Link Pages take the traditional social media account and flip it: instead of a person and the links they’ve shared, it’s a link and the people who shared it.

We’re just starting to explore their potential, but we’ve started with a “First” credit and an easily scannable list of what each member is saying about the link.

For example:

Scrolling down a link page.

And now that Link Pages are pretty and useful, we’re spreading them around.

For example:

4. Share Your Share.

Super simple: our members love letting their followers on other sites know when they’ve picked their 1 This. link of the day. So last night we made share links pretty when you push them out on other social sites!

For example:

5. Redesigned feeds.

We increased the size of each link in member feeds and set a max width of 3 links to make sure the page doesn’t get too busy. And we put the “why This?” text above the link to make sure the smart words of our members don’t get missed.

It looks nice:

Pretty feed.

And that’s just in the last 3 weeks! So much more to come.

If you haven’t joined us yet, come on down!

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